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Kamis, 17 September 2015

Keputusasaan,Penyesalan dan Harga Diri (English)

Maaf, Jika Saya Tidak Memperkenalkan Diri...
WARNING: Bad English

We Live, We Die... Okay Let's Think Again About Our Life...Regrets Will Always Follow You If You Do Something That Doesnt Need To Be In Existance, No Matter How Foolhardly, How Stupid And How Weak Your Then Limits Its Still Very Far Away. Fix Your Life Start Thinking It Again And The Thing Is, That i Always Kept This Message From My Father And Brother..... "All The Things That Make You DIFFRENT/UNIQUE From Other People With Positive Think, Will Always Get A High Respect Even If People Cant See It But The Supreme Ones Know..." Even If Someone Said Something In The Comment Saying Something That Doesnt Need To Be in Existance, Will Always Get Respect From A To Z. Even If LIMITS,DIFFRENCE And RESPECT Doesnt Need To Meet, I will Meet Them By Myself Without Other People. If Someone Always Calling Someone/Me Stupid, That Is The Respect And Desperation From Me/Someone...... Just Do It... I felt REGRETS and i dont want someone feel REGRETS and STRESS i wonder what is it in their brain thinking about this POST and especialy the one who never think about DESPERATION

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